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How to JTAG Hack your Xbox 360 Console, allowing you to run homebrew applications and backup games on your Xbox 360 Console. Complete step by step procedure with pictures to guide you along the way.


  • PC with a parallel printer port required to dump/write the NAND image
  • You will need an Xbox 360 Console with a Dashboard Kernel Version of 2.0.7371.0 or lower. If you have an updated kernel, STOP RIGHT HERE and don't waste your time, your console is not JTAG-able. Even if your console has the right kernel version, we cannot confirm if it is exploitable until you dump an image of your NAND, but there is a very high chance that it is :)

To check your Xbox 360 Dashboard Version:

1) Turn on your Xbox 360 Console and go to Console Settings:

2) Scroll to System Info, the current dashboard is on your top right (note in the image below i have kernel 2.0.8955.0 which is not JTAG-able)

OK - If your Dashboard shows version 2.0.7371.0 or lower, let's proceed to the next step, building the NAND DUMP CABLE (DB25 MALE PLUG)